These Are a Few of My Favorite (Fall) Things

As much as I will miss summer, there are a bunch of things I look forward to in the fall. I have made a list of my favorite fall activities, so if you are looking for things to do in the fall, you have come to the right place! Grab a couple friends, or go solo, and make some memories:)

  1. Last year my friends and I went to a local pumpkin patch and had a fall-themed photo shoot, complete with fall flower crowns. Here are some of my favorites:1976988_10204642809849135_800845608814606849_n-210432535_10204642794568753_6014531036518528505_n1016720_10203966273230634_1277361722418094824_n These pictures were taken by Emily Sabanegh (click on the link to check out more of her work)!
  2. I love pumpkin bread, so of course I have to make a couple loaves every fall. This year I have bought mini loaf pans so that I can give out pumpkin bread to some of my friends. Here is my favorite recipe: Pumpkin Bread
  3. To me, the fall time is the perfect time to start a new book and set a goal to have it finished by Thanksgiving Break. This year I am reading Water for Elephants, I am only on page 20 though, so I have a ways to go till I meet my goal (oops!).
  4. It is never to early to start shopping for Christmas presents and I like to get my shopping done early to avoid all of the lines and chaos. You just have to make sure that you have a good hiding place so that no curious younger siblings find your stash!
  5. Find a local fall festival and attend! This year, I am going to the Apple Butter Festival at Hueston Woods State Park. For those who live in Oxford, it is happening this weekend (October 3-4)!
  6. Make a fall playlist! At the beginning of each season I make a Spotify playlist of my favorite songs at the moment so that I can listen to them ad nauseam.
  7. Do some fall cleaning and donate to Goodwill. This year I especially need to do this because I have been accumulating random things since moving into my apartment in August. Put on your fall playlist and start cleaning!
  8. Find out which of your favorite TV shows are coming out with a new season and get to watching. I got hooked on Grey’s Anatomy this summer, so I will be obsessively watching it this fall.
  9. My family always takes our Christmas card pictures at Thanksgiving and I must say that we have some of the most creative ideas. Last year we did a Modern Family themed card and the year before that we did a Brady Bunch theme, and I’m sure this year’s will top those! Even if your family doesn’t send out holiday cards, it can be a good time to get everyone together and take some family photos!



These Are a Few of My Favorite (Fall) Things

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