Studying in Serenity


I was getting tired of fighting to find a table in the library when I was on campus, so one morning I went and sat outside to study. I initially thought that I would be distracted with the foot traffic passing by, but it never bothered me. Ever since then, weather permitting, I have sat outside to study in between classes. This is the most relaxing, serene place to study. In the warm weather it provides shade, and in the chilly mornings it makes the perfect place to sit with a light jacket on and drink coffee before embarking on the journey to class. It even provides the perfect angle for people watching when you need a break from doing work (not that I do this a lot). I’m sure that in a month or so I’ll have to find a new study place because the cold will become unbearable, but until then I will keep sitting there outside between classes! Finding a study spot that’s not in a library or classroom can be the best thing to do to regain lost motivation! If you’re ever feeling unmotivated or are bored with your current study spot, go out and find a new one! This is the end of my words of wisdom for the day 🙂


Studying in Serenity

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