To Study or Not to Study, That Is the Question

This week has been full of craziness for me, it started with a biochemistry exam on Monday, followed by phone calls to vet schools on Tuesday, an impromptu trip to Indiana today, and will continue to be hectic as I prepare to take the GRE on Saturday.

I never studied for standardized tests in high school and I still managed to do quite well on the ACT and SAT. When I signed up for the GRE, I didn’t know whether to do what I did in high school or study for the exam.  However, since there was more riding on this exam, I decided that I would study. I have definitely benefitted from studying for the exam and using my Kaplan GRE Prep  book. There are geometry and algebra concepts that I haven’t seen in 3 years since I took the ACT and SAT, so brushing up on those has been very helpful. The book gives you different approaches to problems (some that I had never seen before, but actually made the problems much easier), the most popular vocabulary words used on the test, and lots and lots of practice.

Now, this might not be helpful for everyone, but I know that I feel much more comfortable with the exam after completing the Kaplan Prep book. Hopefully my studying will pay off on Saturday morning, but all I know now is that I’m going to need a lot of coffee (I have to wake up at 6:00 am)!

Stay fabulous,


To Study or Not to Study, That Is the Question

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