Stressed Out and Nowhere To Go

These past couple weeks have been some of the most stressful of my college career. I have had multiple exams, the GRE, class registration, and I have been trying to make work and internship plans for winter break. Needless to say I am currently a ball of stress. My only saving grace has been my music. I have a 5-song playlist that can calm me down no matter what. When I get too stressed, I take 15-20 minutes and listen to all the songs without any distractions and it gets me ready to study again. It is definitely an interesting combination of songs, but it always works! Even if these songs aren’t for you, I suggest putting together a few songs to always keep with you for when you get too stressed.

Here is my “De-Stress Playlist”:

1. “Young and Beautiful” – Lana Del Rey

2. “Summertime Sadness”- Lana Del Rey

3. “Girls Chase Boys”- Ingrid Michaelson

4. “Open Hands”- Ingrid Michaelson

5. “Music To Watch Boys To”- Lana Del Rey

If it isn’t obvious from these songs, I love Lana Del Rey and Ingrid Michaelson!

Stay Fabulous,


Stressed Out and Nowhere To Go

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