Morning Routine

Having a morning routine makes my mornings run smoother and prepares me for the day. I wake up to my alarm (or before) and jump out of bed ready to take on the day. To me, this is one of the most important parts of my morning routine. If I don’t immediately get out of bed, I am sluggish and slow all morning. Next I get a cup of coffee (my Keurig is a life saver!) and while that is brewing, I pick out my outfit for the day. Once my coffee is ready I turn on my computer and check my emails and work on my blog. Then I get dressed and pack my bag for class. If I have extra time before I have to leave, then I listen to some music! If I miss a part of my routine, it throws my entire day off, so I try to keep the same schedule. Here are some things that are super important to the start of my day!

1. Alarm Clock. I just have a plain one right now, but I am in the market for a cute one like this.

2. Keurig. I have a red one to match the rest of the kitchen appliances, but this turquoise one is beautiful!

3. Fiestaware Mugs. I love Fiestaware because of their beautiful, fun colors. I use their mugs every morning and this is my favorite color.

4.Spotify. I have Spotify premium so that I can listen to my playlists while I’m driving and while I’m walking to class. They have a student discount for premium and if you want to check it out here is a link.

5. Lilly Pultizer planner. I look at this every morning to make sure that I am not missing anything! You can get the same one that I have here.

Stay Fabulous,


Morning Routine

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