A Pre-Vet Student’s Guide of What To Do Over Winter Break

With the semester 2/3 of the way over, I am crazily trying to make plans for winter break. I have almost 6 weeks off of school and it is the perfect time to get more shadowing experience with a veterinarian. Winter break is prime time for an internship because even with doing a 3 week internship, it still leaves 3 weeks to celebrate the holidays with family. I am going to put in some hours at work (I work at a small animal emergency hospital) and have found an equine veterinarian to shadow. A variety of experience is always helpful when applying to vet school, plus it’s really fun to be around and work with other animals than cats and dogs. Since I have spent 13 years around horses, I already have an equine background, but it can never hurt to get more experience! As a student who has shadowed many veterinarians over the years, I encourage all pre-vet college students and even middle school (that’s when I started!) and high school students who are interested in becoming a veterinarian, to reach out and contact their local vet. Veterinarians are normally more than happy to help students out and to have you shadow them because they know what the process is like and they want to help!

Stay Fabulous,


A Pre-Vet Student’s Guide of What To Do Over Winter Break

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