Monograms and Microscopes Gift Guide

I had an amazing Thanksgiving with my family, but now it’s time to return to school and take finals. With Christmas rapidly approaching, it is time to crack down on those Christmas gifts! Some people are really difficult to buy for and others (thankfully) not so much. My dad, for example, is almost impossible to buy for because he says that he already has everything he wants, which leaves me looking for practical, yet thoughtful gifts that he doesn’t already have (it is quite a challenge). College students are slightly easier to buy for. Here are some ideas for your college fashionista!


This stocking from JacobWallaceDesigns will brighten up any mantle.



This Marley Lilly keychain would make an amazing stocking stuffer.


These fun stickers make great gifts for all of your friends. I have this one and I put it on my laptop and it is super cute!!


This hat would look awesome in your favorite sports team’s colors!



This album would make a great gift for a friend (empty or full of photos). And you can get your instagram pictures printed at Walmart!



This is a lifesaver, all my necklaces would be in one giant ball if it weren’t for my Little Black Dress hanging organizer!

7. il_570xn-704909899_63o5

This wooden monogram would look great hanging on the wall behind your bed (and you can paint it whatever color you like).



This tech wallet is the perfect way to carry your phone and student ID around campus.



This weekender bag is the perfect size for a weekend away with friends.


 monogram box, from Prep Perfect Monograms, makes the job a bit easier for you and is a great deal!

Stay Fabulous,


Monograms and Microscopes Gift Guide

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