A Few Christmas Eve Notes

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! These past few days have been full of cookie making and decorating for me and my sisters. I really cherish the time that I get to spend with them, and it has been a lot of fun. Our creativity was tested, and the results vary (as you can see below). However, to me, it’s not about how pretty they look (because they’ll just end up in our tummy’s anyways), but how much fun we had making them!

Here are some of the cookies we made (not pictured are the gingerbread)!

We found all of these recipes here.

And here are my amazing co-bakers and decorators:


Christmas came a little early for me this week! I received my much anticipated Monogram Box from Prep Perfect Monograms (you can get your own here).12431381_1244508502230304_1796137376_n

Today will be spent fetching my mom from the airport (after she has spent 4 hours in plane delays), packing up our bags to fly to Maryland, and spending time with the family. I hope everyone is able to spend Christmas Eve and/or Christmas day with loved ones!

I’ll be traveling a lot this coming week, so I might not get anything posted for a week or so! (Don’t worry though, I’ll be back!)

Stay Fabulous,


A Few Christmas Eve Notes

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