Freezing Friday

It is 21 degrees right now in Oxford, which is actually warmer than it has been lately (still waaay to cold for me though). Thankfully, the winter storm that hit most of the east coast last night decided to skip Oxford and not contribute to the snow and ice that is already covering the ground. Despite the cold and snow, classes start again on Monday and there is much to do to prepare for them. I have put together a list of things that college students should make sure to do before classes start again.

1. Unpack from winter break. For me, this a big task since my birthday and Christmas have left me with lots of new things. Putting off unpacking often means that it won’t ever really happen and you will continue to live out of your suitcase until spring break when it’s time to pack again.

2. Buy your textbooks. I buy some of my mine from the bookstore, but I also try to find them on Amazon because it tends to be slightly cheaper. Renting textbooks that I don’t want to keep after the class has saved me over $500!

3. Look at your class syllabi. I have had classes that have had readings due on the first day of class and it is not fun to start off the semester behind!

4. Make sure you know your schedule and class buildings. This is more applicable to first year students or students who are taking classes in new buildings, but it is embarrassing for anyone to be walking around a building looking for their classroom on the first day. I keep a copy of my schedule in my planner to make sure I’m not late for any of my classes.

5. Make time to see your friends! I haven’t seen most of my friends since the beginning of December and the first week of classes when the workload is generally lighter is the perfect time to catch up and hear about their breaks.

I hope that these tips help make your first day go smoothly! On a completely different note, today I’m wearing my new Loft sweater, plain white t-shirt, black leggings, Marley Lilly necklace, and my Bean Boot Mocs (my go-to shoes these past couple weeks).


Stay Fabulous,


Freezing Friday

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