Tuesday Update

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Here is my class update: I really hope that this first week doesn’t represent what my entire semester will be like. I’ve only completed 2 days of class and I already have spent 6.5 hours on homework today and I’m not done. I have a lot on my plate this semester and I hope I make it through without any major mental breakdowns. Anyways, I hope everyone else’s return to classes is going smoother than mine!

On a much happier note, I have decided to start a “weekly finds” section on the blog. I can’t promise that it will be every week, but I will certainly try! Here are some of my finds of the week:

1. Marley Lilly is coming out with monogrammed duck boots. To say that I am excited, is definitely an understatement! Starting at midnight tonight they will be selling them, so go ahead and book mark the page. And if you want a sneak peek, check out their snapchat: marleylilly.com .

2.  This article on animals with larger brains is very interesting!

3.  Etsy shop discovery: Pawsitivestyle. This shop sells the most adorable Lilly Pulitzer dog collars and leashes. This one is my favorite!

4. And because I’m partial to polar bears, I’m just going to leave this link here. I highly suggest checking it out!

Stay Fabulous,


Tuesday Update

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