Outfit of the Day: Tassel Edition

I recently bought this necklace from Purple Peridot and have been meaning to wear it now for a bit. With all the cold weather, however, I have been more concerned with staying warm than looking fabulous (a poor excuse, but true). The bitter cold reminds me that I definitely belong in the south with mild winters. Anyways, I love this necklace! I was skeptical of the tassel trend, but I am now the proud owner of several tasseled accessories and am continuing to grow my collection.

Here is how I wore my tassel necklace today:


I kept my outfit simple so that my necklace really stood out!

Here are some more of my favorite tasseled finds!

1. Marley Lilly Tasseled Keychain. I got this keychain for Christmas and I love it! It makes my keys easier to find and adds a fashionable touch.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 12.59.31 PM.png

2.  BaubleBar Tassel Wine Charms. These would make the perfect addition to any dinner party!


3.Tissue Tassel Garland. These garlands come in several colors and would add the perfect pop of color to an apartment or dorm room.


Stay Fabulous,


Outfit of the Day: Tassel Edition

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