Spring, Are You Here Yet?

Yesterday was probably one of the most beautiful days I have ever experienced. After months of snow and freezing temperatures, the sun came out and it was warm for the first day in what seems like forever. During the spring and summer, I usually take 70 degree, sunny days for granted. Today, however, really proved to me how grateful we should be for days like that. I opened all the windows in my apartment and was able to walk outside in a dress and sandals. I did have to spend a few hours inside working on a lab report, but as soon as we finished I was right back outside. I bought myself a camp chair and sat on my patio while I studied. I walked around outside while I talked to my dad on the phone. I drove around with my windows down and music blaring. I even started on my spring cleaning. It was a truly beautiful day. Now today won’t be as nice and this week will be cold, but I won’t ever take any warm day for granted again. Even if it’s not so warm, I’m challenging myself to make every day feel as good as yesterday did.

Here is what I wore yesterday! At first I thought it was a little ambitious since the day started at about 50 degrees, but it ended up being the perfect outfit!

Shop the look:

  1. Black Wedge Sandals. I got mine from Payless a couple years ago, but these are similar.
  2. Pink Dress. Mine is an Old Navy find from last year, but this one is also super cute!
  3. Black Statement Necklace. This is probably my favorite statement necklace, I got it a few years back at J Crew! This one is also cute (and also a little less expensive).
  4. Beaded Headband. A friend snagged this for me from the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection. You may be able to still find one on Ebay, but this one is very similar.

Stay Fabulous,


Spring, Are You Here Yet?

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