2016 Midwest Veterinary Exploration Conference

Last Saturday I traveled to Columbus to attend the 2016 Midwest Veterinary Exploration Conference. It was my first time attending and it was definitely not what I expected. I thought it was going to be a conference where veterinarians came and spoke about current research and problems in the field to their colleagues, so when I arrived and saw that a large amount of the people in attendance were high school students and their parents, I was surprised. The conference was broken up into 7 different 30 minute sessions with topics from careers in the veterinary field to veterinary school admission. Although a lot of what I heard was information I already knew, I did learn some new information about veterinary admissions and even discovered some new career options in the field.  Did you know that a veterinarian (Richard Linnehan) has been to space? The career options are endless!

I wish that I had known about this conference when I was in high school because I think it provided younger pre-vet students a lot of helpful advice on what to do to prepare for applying to vet school. Since I’m applying to vet school in May, many of the things that they talked about were things that would have been of more help to have been told a few years before. However, there was a student panel of current Ohio State veterinary students and they were very helpful in answering questions about the veterinary school application and what is expected both on the application and in the interview. Overall, this was an interesting, educational experience that I would recommend to young pre-vets (especially high school students) who are looking to enter the veterinary profession.

As far as my personal preparation for vet school applications goes, I am currently working on ideas for my personal statement, finalizing my list of schools to apply to, and impatiently waiting for the application to open!

Stay Fabulous,


2016 Midwest Veterinary Exploration Conference

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