Midweek Update

This week has been busy, but in an amazing and exciting way! I have began volunteering at a therapeutic riding farm, been studying for my big genetics exam tonight, have picked up a minor, and am going to start riding again! I am so excited to start riding horses again because they have always been such a large part of my life, and these past two and a half years without riding have been difficult. When I am riding, all my stress floats away and I can’t help but smile. In honor of my exciting news, here is a picture of me from the old days when I first started riding (I was 4 years old):


On a completely different note, I realized that I have not been wearing much color lately (as you can see in my outfit from today), which is very unlike me. I decided to add some color to my look by painting my nails. I used Salley Hansen’s Miracle Gel Polish in the color “Mad Women”, which you can get here. I’ve had it on for almost a week now and it hasn’t really chipped at all!


I paired a simple T-shirt from Banana Republic (not sold anymore, but this one is similar) with dark wash skinny jeans, and flats by Christian Siriano for Payless (These are quickly becoming one of my favorite pairs of shoes. They aren’t for sale anymore, but this pair is similar).


Stay Fabulous,


Midweek Update

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