OOTD: Stripes and Pink

I had my first riding lesson in 3 years yesterday and it was amazing! My new instructor is great and I remembered a lot more than I thought I would. I am very sore today, but I am very happy with my lesson!

Today I am wearing one of my favorite combos: navy blue, white, and pink. This is probably the color combo that I wear the most during the summer, and I am always looking for more pieces to add to my wardrobe!


I’m also wearing some of my favorite bracelets from Alex and Ani! I got my Cincinnati Reds bracelet a few years back once I actually started watching baseball (and enjoying it). After my horse, Lucky, died my parents got me this four leaf clover bracelet to remind me of all my happy times with him. My favorite one though is my “Sisters Forever” bracelet that I got from my little sister (although she’s not so little anymore!). It’s probably one of the sweetest things I have ever gotten and every time I wear it, I smile and think about how lucky I am to have such sweet siblings!




Stay Fabulous,


OOTD: Stripes and Pink

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