Decorating for the Holidays

Pink is my favorite color and polar bears are my favorite animal, so it should come as no surprise that I chose to use a pink color scheme with polar bears to decorate for the holidays. This post is coming a bit later than I would have liked, but I’ve included where to find my Christmas decorations in case you are decorating at the last minute!IMG_3700.JPG


Bow Tree Topper: My amazing friend Amanda made this for me using this ribbon! A bow this size takes about 2 spools of the ribbon.

Tree Skirt: This is actually a funny story. I ordered a tree skirt (without doing research on what size to get) and the delivery date kept getting pushed back. Once it finally arrived (I was pretty excited), I opened it and realized that the one I bought is actually way too small for my tree. But by the time it arrived I didn’t have time to return it and get another one, so we had to make do for these pictures. Needless to say I will be returning it, but this one is a better size!

Ornaments: These I have been collecting over the years, but most of them are from Hobby Lobby!

Rose Gold Tree fillers: I got these from Michaels this year, but I couldn’t find them online, so check in store!

Wrapping Paper: The reindeer paper is a few years old and I got the white paper from TJ Maxx, so you may be able to find this exact one! This one from Target is very similar!

Pajamas: My pajamas are from last year, but I also love these (and they’re currently on sale for under $10!)

Chair: This is the chair that I have, but unfortunately they are sold out in the pink color. Here is another one that is similar in color!

Polar Bear: I got this as a gift last year (and added his pink bow tie), but I have seen similar ones at TJ Maxx!

Stay Fabulous,



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