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Productive Sundays

My favorite Sundays are the ones where I am able to get ahead with my work for the week and just do some general cleaning (sometimes it's emotional cleansing and sometimes it's cleaning the bathroom). It is a great start to my week and makes me feel refreshed and ready to take on Monday. This… Continue reading Productive Sundays


No Stress November

The temperature has been rapidly dropping, which means I am counting down the days till I get to return to South Carolina. This is also one of the most difficult times of the semester for me. Midterms are over, but now comes the anticipation and stress of finals.Thanksgiving should be a break, but with finals coming… Continue reading No Stress November

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The Junior Jolt

Everyone always talks about the "Freshman 50", the "sophomore slump", and Senioritis, but what about that 3rd year? I am officially naming it the "Junior Jolt". For me and many of my classmates, this is the time we realize that the safety net of college is almost gone and that it is time to move into… Continue reading The Junior Jolt