Finds of the Week: 5/2/16

I can’t believe it is already May! There are so many exciting things happening this month, the first of which is being finished with classes. Finals are next week so I’ve been putting in 14 hour work days (not fun at all), but the end is in sight! Here are some fun reads and finds to help get you through the week:

1.Striped Flats. These flats are adorable and would make the perfect addition to any shoe lover’s collection! To make it even better, they come in larger sizes so that even those of us with larger feet can enjoy.

2. Do horses in the Kentucky Derby even know they’re racing? With the Kentucky Derby quickly approaching, this article helps readers understand what goes on in a horse’s head as they are running.

3.Pineapple Appetizer Plates. With summer right around the corner, these appetizer plates are the perfect addition to any summer party!

4. Gilmore Girls Quiz. Since I just finished binge-watching Gilmore Girls, I had to post this quiz! Take a study break and see how close you were paying attention!

5.Lobster Leggings. These leggings may be the cutest things I’ve ever seen! I think they will end up being a “being done with finals” present to myself (:

6. Pineapple Tote. If you can’t already tell, I love pineapple prints! This tote would make the perfect pool bag!

7. White Dress. For those who are required to wear white dresses for graduation (whether high school or college), but don’t want to spend a fortune on a dress that will be worn only once (and isn’t your wedding dress), this dress is for you!

8. Cheetah Cubs. The Cincinnati Zoo has cheetah cubs that I cannot wait to go see! Head to the Cincinnati Zoo to see all of the zoo babies. Here is an adorable picture of one:


Source: WLWT


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Finds of the Week: 5/2/16

My Excursion to Downtown Cincinnati

Thomas and I spent the entire day in downtown Cincinnati yesterday! We started out by getting lunch at Dewey’s pizza (some of the best pizza I have ever had) and then made our way downtown. I did have to make one detour though. Steinmart was having a giant sale and I wanted to look for a new purse. I ended up getting this beautiful Nine West one for less than $30!

After waiting in line to check out for 30 minutes (the lines were so long!), we finally made it downtown. I love ice skating and I have always wanted to skate on the outside rink at Fountain Square! It was very crowded and Thomas had never been ice skating before, so it was definitely an interesting, but very fun, experience. Next we went to Starbucks and got delicious Peppermint Mochas. I loved it so much that I found this recipe to make your own at home! While we were sitting outside of Starbucks, I took a few pictures of the beautiful city.


After our Starbucks we went to the giant Macy’s store and in front they had beautiful horses that I had to take pictures with! This one’s name was Randy:


While in Macy’s I looked for matching towels for my Kate Spade apron ( check out my post), but they didn’t have any 😦 After our Macy’s excursion we walked down to the waterfront and sat on the swings before dinner. The waterfront is definitely one of the most beautiful parts of Cincinnati.



It started getting pretty cold so we decided to get some dinner. After dinner Thomas wanted Graeter’s (for those who aren’t familiar with Cincinnati, Graeter’s is the best ice cream ever!), but I was too full from dinner to get anything! And that was my day in a nutshell. Lots of exploring and very fun!

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My Excursion to Downtown Cincinnati