A Summer in Scrubs

I can't believe that it has been almost a month since I last blogged, I am so sorry! ¬†After finishing with the semester, I jumped right into work and veterinary school applications. There have been so many little things happening on the side too (including my sister graduating from high school)! Although I have been… Continue reading A Summer in Scrubs


Finds of the Week: 5/2/16

I can't believe it is already May! There are so many exciting things happening this month, the first of which is being finished with classes. Finals are next week so I've been putting in 14 hour work days (not fun at all), but the end is in sight! Here are some fun reads and finds… Continue reading Finds of the Week: 5/2/16


Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, everyone! I am already loving today because it is finally warm in Ohio! I spent my weekend outside volunteering¬†at a local park to clear honeysuckle and playing football, badminton, and baseball outside with Thomas (Check out his new blog here) ! To celebrate the warm weather, I'm wearing my newest Crown & Ivy… Continue reading Happy Monday!


In Mint Condition

Ever since I bought my first mint top a few years back, I have been obsessed. I have accumulated tops, shorts, nail polish, among other mint green items. It reminds me of summer and being at the beach (which is a much needed feeling when it is snowing in April in Ohio)! Hopefully it will… Continue reading In Mint Condition